Posted: April 10, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason


How have we come to the point where a woman can set herself on fire in her own kitchen because the Goverment  has declared a shortage?  Am I missing something here?  There is no tanker driver strike, supplies have not been interrupted, and there remains plenty of petrol.  How did some Government mandarin think it a good idea to spook the public into a buying frenzy of a good that has no prospect of running out anytime soon?  I know anti-TU law is at an all time high but surely the very whisper of the dreaded (by some) industrial action should have not caused this?  Petrol remains a funny old topic ; I often overhear blokes in the pub bemoaning the price of petrol as too expensive and motorists should have more “rights”.  I nod sagely and join in, attacking Government  taxation and enormous oil companies profits whilst secretly harbouring the view that, actually, petrol is too cheap.  If it actually were too expensive there would be fewer  cars on the roads.  Drive through Birmingham on a Friday night or on the M5 at the start on any school holiday and tell me that petrol is too expensive.  Perhaps we should be aiming to get motorists to think differently?  For you non-economists out there; petrol is notoriously inelastic.  Basically means that whatever the price then consumers will still buy and consume it.  Why?  Because  there are so few alternatives, especially in the light of government privatisation of the transport network .  Could we not use petro-tax-dollars to build and service some sort of community based transport system that might lessen the car miles driven?  Just a thought.


  1. Honka that Horn says:

    Black gold – oil – petrol – diesel etc, what a substance eh.. every country wants to find it, each one willing to go to all extremes, exploitation, diplomacy and even war for gods sake. I would guess more people have lost thier lives over this substance officially and unofficially than many terminal illnesses, why is it so valuable? Reason being is all the sub-products and the monopoly it has in giving us all the freedom of movement. The ability if we want to do a booze run over the water to just simply fill our boots with fortified grape juice over a 24 hour period or just to have “A run out” for the day to take in some sights or a lunch at some country pub. Petrol gets such a bad name because it is allegedly heating up our world greenhouse by turning itself into carbon dioxide (CO2, I knew chemistry had some value), a gas that trees love and eat up to produce another gas oxegen that we like to eat up, nice deal I would say. Others would love people like me to go up in smoke but let me share a FACT, 96% of the worlds CO2 is produced by……volcanoes (96 live ones to be precise) , so what do all the cars produce in the world? diddly diddly. I once sat through a presentation on alternative fuels, hydrogen is Honda hopes for the future as it produces power and when expended turns into water with no dreaded CO2, sounds good eh but sadly to produce hydrogen we need power plants that burn coal and the like so no win there for the human race. Bio-fuel, wow theres a subject for another day fella the use of food crops to make fuel for the western world whilst other people in less fortunate countrys die of starvation. Pooh gas…/stop!
    So all I can say is keep a car and use it for everything other than driving in city centres and down that bottom end of the country where there are too many people who we are and are not aware of but they all have a battered old BMW or Merc. More power to your right foot.

    • strainsview says:

      well put sir! oil will be become more and more expensive as we use it up that the exploration of the arctic / antartic will become economically viable – watch the greenpeace wallahs go then!

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