giddy up George

Posted: April 11, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason


Giddy up George

I read in the press that the loveable Gideon “George” Osborne has claimed shock at the news that some of the top earners in the UK have avoided paying their income tax.  Shock and awe indeed.  This is the multi- millionaire George that attended fee paying schools and then Oxford where he was a leading light in that bastion of social democracy, the Bullingdon Club.  He once had a job folding towels in Selfridges but left to work at Tory Party HQ.  I wonder how that interview went?  Perhaps the Tories had a surplus of Egyptian cotton bath sheets that had to be urgently dealt with?  He is now the chancellor and the MP for Tatton, winning the seat from the white knight (in white suit) Martin Bell who had done for the fragrant Hamiltons.  George’s life experiences are surely so far removed from the average Briton that they can be discounted entirely.  I am not blaming George for his upbringing and privileged start in life, rather I question the sanity in placing such a man in a position of power and influence.  His thoughts and feelings and policies have direct consequences on all of us.  What does George know of the underclass?  Of the unemployed? Of the council house benefit class that live blighted lives and survive from (dole) day to (dole) day?  As he cuts the taxes of the rich and spouts the trickle down nonsense mantra I try and stay positive; try and see the bigger picture.  It’s tough.

  1. HullRob says:

    I am not sure if we have any non “career politicians” anymore . They all seem to have come from the same mold – private educated, successful careers (law or the city). How can anyone from those backgrounds have any idea what its like to live on a council estate on benefits ?. The Tories at least (and it pays me to say it) go into politics because they believe in what they do – make the rich, richer and more powerful at the expense of the rest of us. All Labour seem to stand for is “Being like the Tories – just not so nasty”. Why cant Labour stand for something quite different to the Tories ? Surely that would appeal to some ?? (Wouldnt it ?)

    • strainsview says:

      Labour had to disown its past to get elected; with the appoinment of the likes of Prescott as a sop to the old party. Then Blair laughs like a drain as dear old John is ripped apart, repeatedly by the press. Oh how we laughed…..cried more like.

  2. strainsview says:

    it was decided that Old Labour was unelectable……hence the move to the right with the idea that we will push Precott into the limelight as a sop to the Unions……then let the press rip him to pieces as an example of left wingery as archaic and of the past. There must be a way for the labour party to rise again in its original form, or have we simply gone too far?

  3. Web Crawler says:

    Why does a working class background make any difference? Perhaps this is the wrong thing to focus on. Surely, the important driver of the actions of those in positions of influence is the (perverse) incentive system that encourages vote buying.

    A retrenchment of government influence from private life, a reduction of the welfare state and the a system which encourages enterprise by letting the productive retain and reinvest more of the just rewards is surely what we should all desire (except one wishes to vote for himself, the proceeds of others).

    • strainsview says:

      we cannot all be entrepreneurs…..society has always been, and always will be, stratified; surely those at the top have a duty to those below them?

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