because you’re gorgeous

Posted: April 13, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason


because you’re gorgeous

Gorgeous George G’allah’way, friend to the stars and the despots.  Now the new MP for the Respect party. There’ll be partying in the streets of Tehran tonight as well as George’s bizarre lap of honour round a deserted Bradford football pitch at 3am in the morning.  He is somewhat of a charming old cove, our George; tales of infidelity and broken trusts abound along with his more publicised derring-do’s that include the “indefatigable” lunacy with Saddam and his cream licking antics with Terry out of Minders wife (Rula Lenska).  I am always a bit puzzled by the Lefts attack on the War On Terror narrative; they are leftist so presumably want democracy top of their list.  Yet when the West proposes to remove dictatorial maniacs like Saddam the left get all angsty and anti-imperialist and march through London in their millions proclaiming not in my name.  It is, for us with leftist leanings, all a tad uncomfortable.  We hate dictatorship but also imperialism and especially the thought that the American Neo-Cons have some sort of “big-oil” under-agenda thing going on.  Terrifies the bejesus out of us.  For you economists still reading, the opportunity cost of not invading was the cost of leaving Saddam in power for him to murder, terrify and generally right royally mess up his entire country.  A very very difficult and complex choice, with few, if any, easy answers.  Back to George; local politics is based on local people and local issues; I am looking forward to seeing how old Gorgeous gets on.  Even given Labour’s smug assumptions and the ridiculousness of the LibCon pact, his victory was astounding; his mobilization of the Muslim vote and the subsequent ten thousand plus majority giving much food for thought for the main political parties.  Gorgeous George  certainly has charisma and can knock out a tremendous oration; it is to be seen whether he can deliver on the level that is needed in Bradford.  I wonder if Rula, even as I type, is breaking out the Kitti-Kat?


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