you wanna go where everyone knows your name

Posted: April 16, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

you wanna go where everyone knows your name

Minimum prices.  Binge drinking.  Age restrictions.  The never ending stream of Government advice; units, days off, weeks off, red wine is good, red wine is bad, drink responsibly, on and on like some enormous healthy lifestyle guru that you never contacted and do not want to listen to.  What is it with the UK and alcohol?  The Special Relationship?  Have we always been a nation of bingers?  From mead fuelled debauchery in candle lit great halls to vomit splattered thongs up the side alley in some dreary provincial town.  We are told we cannot drink with continental elan and panache and the Governments thoroughly misguided attempt to inculcate “café-pavement-culture” simply resulted in twenty four hour drinking in neon beer barns; all mock olde worlde and alco-pops.  Once, drinking was something you had to learn.  Shame on the drunk and his suffering family, you were watched over by fathers, grandfathers and uncles.  A self regulating mans world, far from work and the women’s world of the home.  Beer was weak, food was crisps and young men took on sound advice; to be able to “handle your drink” was a mark of manhood, of passing from child to the inner sanctum of the pub where regulars would nod as you walked in.  They could drink all day but never got “lashed”.  Then out went weak beer and in came super strong lagers and alco-pops, served in bottles with day-glo colours and cartoon advertising.  Marketing types re-branded alcohol, it was all high colour, fun and a lifestyle choice; light years away from the old session drinkers.  Alcohol was suddenly young, free, redesigned and restless.  It devoured the young, killed the traditional UK pub and created family friendly, resto-pubs where wet sales quickly became marginalised as gourmet burgers were washed down with the latest Czech / Polish / Japanese /  American lagers.  Over-priced, over-stylised and over here.  Traditional UK boozers are closing at the rate of one per day, cheers.



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