evening all

Posted: April 18, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason


Evening all

PCSOs, support workers, civilians.  Where have all the boys in blue gone?  I read yesterday that the PCSO is to be given more frontline duties, freeing up the “real” police to deal with more serious issues.  Now, I may be missing the point here, but what exactly are the PCSOs for?  Are they nearly coppers?  Plastic coppers?  Tonto to the PCs Lone Ranger?  I find it all a bit mystifying to be honest.  They are a third cheaper than the real thing; surely our crime ridden inner cities can’t be looked after simply on the basis of cost?  Mmm….what do you think?  Any discussion of the Good Old Days will invariably include the beat copper who sent young ruffians home with a clip round the ear for any perceived misdemeanour whereupon parents would join in the fun with some summary justice of their own.  I don’t propose a return to those days but it is a strange society when you can get a pizza delivered before you can get a policeman to attend.  Again, not the individual coppers fault but a sad indictment of modern priorities and resource allocation.  Perhaps we could collectively demand more of our tax-pounds being invested in looking after us all?  No?  There’ll be another money draining War on Terror along any minute.  It is, perhaps, not that simple, but in all honesty it really isn’t much more complicated.  A finite pot of cash, spend it where you will.  Stay safe.

  1. Ian says:

    Got sent your blog by Dave Tindall. What is the statistical likelihood of a police officer walking past (or driving past) a house that is being burgled? It’s about the same odds as me winning the lottery 🙂 Police on the beat is about calming people’s fears, nothing more. But crime is coming down, and has done for about 15/20 years now. Yet fear of crime continues to go up. It’s irrational.

    What the police are choosing to do is patrol the ‘boundaries’ of neighbourhoods, particularly the boundaries between high-crime neighbourhoods and middle-class areas (i.e. stop ‘them’ getting out). It’s easier to police boundaries now because poverty has become more and more concentrated in ever smaller geographical units. Cheaper too.

    Want to hear some of your rants about teaching please 🙂

    • strainsview says:

      still think the beat copper has a role to play – crime seems to have shrunk in that the victims and perpetrators are often linked by a sort of under-class venn diagram………and the middle classes are free to believe that crime is falling and we are all safe. visit Nigeria and the crime free gated communities speak of low crime rate – step outside though and the story is very different……thanks for your interest – keep following……

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