no dark sarcasm in the classroom

Posted: April 20, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

no dark sarcasm in the classroom

Oh deary me.  The beyond-parody  figure of Micheal Gove is in the news again.  This week’s “plucked-from-thin-air-policy” is the simply ridiculous suggestion that parents whose children play truant are to have their child benefit taken from them as a punishment.  As I said, deary deary me.  I’m pretty sure the young Gove never played truant; he once, perhaps, skipped an extra-curricular clarinet lesson; the resulting guilt at this misdemeanour is still etched all over his wobbly lipped face as he spouts his latest nonsense.  The issue of British education is a topic for another day but for now; how, exactly, are families with tough-to-raise-kids actually to get Wayne or Waynetta to attend the local sink-comp?  Should they threaten them?  Drag them through the streets? Or, should they cajole, encourage and support them through, what is for a lot of kids, a very difficult journey?  As a leftist I obviously support the latter approach; perhaps if we spent  more time extolling the virtues of education, rather than seeing it and presenting it as a sort of unlocked prison system , we  could lessen the “escapee” numbers?  I am convinced that some children see schooling as a pointless, meaningless, institutionalised record of attendance.  Try as I might (and God knows I have tried) I just cannot see young Sean, the fifteen year old, six foot three, built like an outhouse truant thinking to himself; “I think I’ll go in today.  Apparently that nice Mr Gove is giving a guest lesson in the long term benefits of investing in yourself through the consumption of excellent, consistent, world class education.”  I can’t see it … can you?


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