hire a hoody

Posted: April 24, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Hire a hoody

Another tremendous declaration from the ever-ridiculous LibCon pact this week.  The Employment Minister, (ailing) Grayling spouted that old old chestnut; “British jobs for British workers”.  This is thinly disguised racism in its purest form.  He seemed upset that British firms are hiring educated, experienced and presentable Eastern European workers rather than the hooded masses of British school leavers.  The fact that these economic migrants have had the balls to leave their home and family and travel across a continent in search of a better life and greater opportunities seems not to have occurred to Mr Grayling, or the editors of the Daily Mail for that matter.  Rather like Hague’s ill judged baseball cap stunt and Cameron’s even more ridiculous hug-a-hoody campaign, the Government seems to want to widen their appeal amongst the “youth”.  Firms, meanwhile, are told they must be internationally competitive and raise productivity to compete on the global stage. Now, they can do this by investing in training and support of their employees, or, at a more base level they can simply hire the best people for the job; regardless of race, nationality or the adornment (or not) of a hoody.  Perhaps if we concentrated on giving the hooded-ones skills that potential employers would find useful the Poland vs Hoody competition would at least have the advantage of starting from a level playing field?  We live in the United States of Europe; like it or not that means free movement of money, products and resources.  Those resources include labour; we cannot be part of it and then attempt to distance ourselves from a central tenet of it.  The free movement of people should provide greater flexibility and productivity of labour so benefitting us all in the long run.  Little Englanders like Grayling do not help matters.

  1. Really good post this. Had a similar discussion last night. Pointed out that the free travel across europe is probably the single handed most important aspect of Scotlands tourist industry success. Go to Perth, Edinburgh, Pitlochry, all the tourist hotspots. Who’s waiting your tables morning till night? Who’s doing the jobs that for some reason we are reticent to do? Thats right, its young enthusiastic ex Eastern Block kids knocking their pans in for a better life.

    • strainsview says:

      very true – problem remains that the right wing press pander to the basest British instinct by demonising any people who are, in any way, “other”……the vast majority of immigrants do work their socks off for little reward – as a lefty this is difficult to say but perhaps we should look at the welfare culture we have created?

  2. jonny smith says:

    Spot on, clear thinking. Couldn’t agree more – get this column published in the daily mail 😉

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