formula one spring

Posted: April 27, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Vroom vroom

The Arab Spring seems to have passed both Bahrain and the “F1” circus by.  A despotic dictator is, in the full glare of the world’s media, continuing to abuse and murder his opponents whilst the multi-millionaire race-car-pilots offer up the platitudes that we have all heard so many times before.  The old apologist’s line that “sport and politics don’t mix” has been given another airing.  From the rebel sports tours of apartheid South Africa to the boycotting of Olympic games, sport and politics have always been intertwined.  Be it as a vote catching feel-good factor like Australian sport or the West Indians finally repelling the colonial masters through the power of cricket, sport has a wider element that cannot simply be explained away by performance on the field of play.  F1 seems to be more about the generation of money rather than any sporting glory that lies within its unseemly domination.  The thoroughly unlikeable and bizarre looking Bernie Ecclestone casts his beady eyes over proceedings and declares; the show must go on.  And go on it does.  As the multi-million pound mobile advertisings are driven round the circuit by their millionaire drivers I hope that at least one of them caught a whiff of the tear gas or the sound of gunfire.  Wouldn’t it be refreshing to see the circus rise up and do the right thing?  As ever, however, the pursuit of cold hard cash takes the chequered flag once again.

  1. Carlton says:

    Apparently the human conscience has a price.

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