home taping is killing music

Posted: May 2, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Home taping is killing music

 It is 1979.  It’s between five and seven pm on a Sunday evening.  I sit on the edge of the bed with my first and second fingers poised, somewhat shakily, over the buttons of the very-low-tech tape recorder.  It is a two finger job to record onto tape and the timing is crucial if I am not to catch the inanities of Smashy or Nicey as they burble “comedy” nonsense over the “top forty” song I am desperately trying to record from my portable radio.  It felt furtive.  It was illegal and I had big brother type fears that the “music police” would crash in the door and rush up the stairs to snatch the miscreant i.e. me.  We were regularly informed that we were killing music; stealing it from the ether while the writers and performers struggled on, artily, without their royalties.   Fast forward many years and we find music did not die; it simply changed and adopted new ways of getting itself out there; cassettes, cds, data tapes and the digital revolution.  I thought about the old days when I read the latest PirateBay news yesterday.  Apparently the main ISPs will have to pre-block the Bay so consumers cannot download the films and music that have been file-shared.  Interestingly the sharers seem to have an ideological slant to their pro-sharing in their anti-regulation of the web stance.  It isn’t that much different to lending the latest Yes album to your mate so he could tape it, is it?  Evidence tells us that cinema visits are on the increase and music download sales remain healthy.  Could it be that file-sharing won’t kill film?  Just like home-taping did not kill music?  In an unwinnable battle against the ingenuity and downright bloody-mindedness of the sharing community the big-brotherish film and music companies seem on to a (very expensive) loser.

  1. Carlton says:

    Ah, the sweet memories of taping off the radio and getting mad at the dj for talking over that one song you’ve been waiting for. I agree, file sharing will not hurt the entertainment industry anymore than the introduction of the vcr did to hollywood.

    • strainsview says:

      yeah – I think they feel they just must be seen to do ‘something’ – they cannot tether the beast of the internet! I am sure the big boys would love to ‘own’ the net..thanks for the comment and spread the word of strainsview far and wide….cheers!

  2. jonny smith says:

    I religiously taped the whole top 40, DJs an’ all. I still listen to certain 80s songs and expect a Gary Davies sign-off at end, haha. Nice one, Strainey.

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