the US of E

Posted: May 14, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

United States of Europe

We were sold the European Dream on one major factor; it would prevent large scale warfare the like of which so decimated the continent in the last century.  “Europeanisation” was to unshackle the population from the chains of jingoism and we would all be European citizens first and foremost.  European politics took a couple of strange directions last week.  In France the stack-heeled Sarkozy was jettisoned to spend more time with the delightful Carla as Francois Hollande crept home to bring the Socialists to power.  Cue much lefty celebrating and the very real possibility that Francewill now turn its back on austerity and attempt to spend its way out of the current mire.  Meanwhile in Greece far right parties like the self confessed Nazis, Golden Dawn, have won seats in parliament closely watched by the far left Marxists like the Syriza party; all very confusing especially for the outsiders now unexpectedly asked to form some sort of Greek coalition Government.  The rise of opposite ends of extremism is public reaction and anger at the current mess that is the European Union; far left or far right, the road is not clear.  What is patently obvious is that there will be further trouble to come.  The Greek people especially have taken probably about as much as they can; their reactive stance against the severe austerity measures has unfortunately opened the door (albeit slightly) for fascism to raise its ugly head once again.  Worrying times.


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