the working class Cantona?

Posted: May 17, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

The working class Cantona?

Joey Barton in the news again; front and back pages for the most recent  in an enormous list of indiscretions.  He seems the latest in a long line of footballers who find fame and fortune hard to deal with.   Aside from his on-field shenanigans he has a lengthy sheet of form with the police ranging from dangerous driving, drunken assault and cigar-stubbing-out-in-eye goings on.  Some of his family members appear less than wholesome with his brother currently residing at Her Maj’s pleasure for his part in the Anthony Walker murder.  However, unlike some previous footballing bad boys like Gasgoigne and Best, Barton went for the troubled genius route with his twittering references to philosophy and the quoting of Nietzsche.  Reminded me a bit of late-era Cantona with his comedy Allo-Allo accent and the sardine / fishing boat conundrum.  Problem for Joe is that he is from the rougher end of the Liverpool council house scale and just sounds dim rather than deep when he spouts forth.  He was even spotted on Newsnight; not normal footballers viewing perhaps.  Pax listed Joey’s footballing achievements and closed with “…and he has a couple of convictions for violence”.   His latest sending off would suggest that whatever demons Joey is trying to conquer, he hasn’t managed it yet.  The immense pay and adulation in the modern world of soccer where young, relatively inexperienced pros can earn multiples of millions, does not always result in happiness and a trouble free life.  The dream continues to turn sour for some.

  1. Torbjørn O.K. says:

    I’m sorry, but I’ve had it with JB now. To try and take Man City-player “down with him” when you’re being sent off, is the lowest of the low. A man deserve a second chance, like Cantona got. JB has got a third and a fourth and a fifth, and still he continues to get it wrong on the field. It’s so much easier to forgive a player who gets lost in his personal life, than a idiot who lets his team and his mates down on a regular level. And JB is both…

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