What a beautiful pair of knockers

Posted: May 18, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

What a beautiful pair of knockers

Blue Peter to be taken off BBC1.  That feels like the end of something; just not quite sure what.  The longest running childrens programme is to be moved to CBBC, whatever, wherever, that is.  My memories of BP (as no-one ever called it), although tainted by old age are redolent of a different Britain.  Old fashioned, quaint and innocent.  Leaking elephants, rogue hounds, gardens and all.  The tremendous John Noakes, self-styled daredevil, the lovely Valerie Singleton and those two schoolboy comedy goldmines; Peter Purves and Biddy Baxter.  Those were the days.  Then, as with all things, BP went “modern”, new music, youthful presenters and no more cereal packets, insides of bog rolls or wire clothes hanger self-make delights.  Scandal then engulfed the programme with Richard Bacon being exposed by the News of the Screws as a cocaine snorter.  The shock and horror was palpable amongst us of a certain age, just can’t imagine Lesley Judd and Simon Groom sniffing up the old Bolivian Marching Powder somehow…can you?  Simon Groom, by the way, is near the top of my favourite ever TV moment chart with his unforgettable “What a beautiful pair of knockers” comment after a BP feature on door furniture.  Pure genius for schoolboy smut-seekers.  Farewell then BP as you ride off into the digital age of infinite choice, variety and low quality.  It was a pleasure.


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