blue and yellow

Posted: May 22, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Blue and yellow, blue and yellow.  Everything has gone blue and yellow.  There must be a Swedish marketing-colour-psychologist (if such a job exists, which I am pretty sure it does)  sitting in his (blue and yellow) office sinking his single malt laughing hysterically to himself as he considers his genius.  Hoards and hoards of consumers; spending money they don’t have on stuff they don’t need.  Skum, Bilbo and Billy lined up in never-ending volumes as the masses pick them up, trolley them to the checkout and then somehow get them home in their too-small cars to do battle with the allen keys and “quirky”, language free,  IKEA assembly instructions.  Arrows on the floor, this way, not that way.  Herded, corralled, and educated as to the path to follow. Try and go against the tide and you meet hundreds of IKEA devotees with their tealights, cutlery and New York prints on their way to pick up a new bathroom cabinet in aisle 36.  Craftmanship and quality are dirty words for the Swedish giant; it’s all machine made, grooves, holes and funky modernism that is shoved in the skip at every house move.  Cheap as chips, and about as long lasting.

  1. Rob o' the Lairds says:

    So are you saying all the uk jobs Ikea created are a bad thing?

  2. Auriel says:

    I believe much of Ikea is made in China where many factories are well stocked with the free labour of political prisoners. I guess the shockingly rich owner of Ikea has to find ways to save money. I am gradually getting rid of the few Ikeas items I foolishly bought and replacing them with antiques – much more original.

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