eyes down

Posted: May 23, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Shuffling, eyes down phone-junkies.  Tap, tap, tapping at their screens and mini-keyboards.  Rather like when I travel on the motorway and wonder where all the people are going, I wonder who all the the phone-sters are communicating with?  Themselves?  Their fellow junkies?  Facebook, Twitter or some other forum where their latest gem is urgently needed?  A relatively modern phenomenon; I ponder how it has changed Britain.  Have we become more, or less, socially skilled on the back of the ubiquitous tech-toy?  Every third or fourth shop on the high street seems to be a mobile phone emporium; the windows scream “all you can eat data”, “free dongle” and “one day only offers”.  Consumers cough up the thirty quid plus a month to handle, stroke and tippy-tap their latest toy.  The producers of these modern marvels have become expert at built in obsolescence, the new screen, features and apps ensure the consumers are repeat buyers; falling for the old trick again and again.  It’s the oldest con in the marketeers handbook; alter it, change it, spin it, convince that new is better.  The consumers fall for it every time; they always do.


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