Posted: May 28, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

News this week that Euro-Disney is losing money hand over (fully costumed) fist but are hopeful that they can salvage the year through its twentieth anniversary celebrations. Always found it a bit of a weird move for Disney; the archetypal American company decided that the suburbs of Paris were perfect for recreating the “sunshine and fun” experience of California. The notorious French drizzle and the perishing cold seem to have somewhat thwarted Mickey and chums in the goal of removing Euros from pockets. It doesn’t have that undoubted feel-good factor that the American version has; I would love to have witnessed the training days when American corporate-speak gurus instructed the surly French in the value of customer service. Have a nice day? Not in Paris old chum; more likely to get a thinly disguised insult muttered under the breath. Garlic breath, obviously. The sheer cheerfulness of the American retail machine doesn’t really sit with us Europeans although we are becoming more like them; the “have you found everything you were looking for?” management techniques and the plastered-on-smile masks of the “team” members grates less than it once did. I suppose that is progress of a sort. We were “all European now” once upon a time; I suspect we will all be American eventually. Have a great day and thanks for reading….


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