the wheel of fortune

Posted: May 30, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

“Spin, spin, spin the wheel of justice, see how fast the bastard turns”.  Comedy genius from the minds of Vic and Bob.  Reeves and Mortimer; surrealists, lovable Geordie funsters or just two extremely funny blokes; you decide.  I was reminded of the northern rogues this week as I watched Tone (man of the people) at the Leveson inquiry.  Blair spoke of “gloss” and his relationship with old Rupe, the Dirty Digger himself.  TB ‘phoned Rupey before the Iraq invasion to give him the nod on what was about to occur.  Odd, huh?  Then those two old charmers from the days of New Labour got a mention; Campbell and Mandelson.  Campbell the angry city-bully-boy; all sharp suits, sharp practice and sharper language and dear, faithful, “Mandy” Mandelson; the indestructible, thrice disgraced Master of the Dark Arts, camping it up like a slightly more sinister Lord Voldemort.  Blair’s claim that New Labour ran a “perfectly proper media operation” brought guffaws from the journos able to recall the CampMandy spin machine.  Proceedings then erupted as a protestor accessed the inquiry and denounced Tone as a “war criminal”.  Tone span it off with his customary cheesy quip and that enormous grin that makes him appear slightly unhinged.  Anyone else reckon he is beginning to resemble the oldest member of the Made in Chelsea gang?  Orange face and silvery hair.  Tone ended his day with the request that he give some thought to Press Regulation Guidelines.  I wonder who he will recruit in this task?  Surely Vic ‘n Bob would at least amuse us?  See how fast the bastard turns indeed.


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