swingers and socialists

Posted: June 1, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Swinging, scandal, sex and a socialist.  Andy Coulson former News of the Screws editor and Cam’s communication tsar has been arrested and charged with perjury.  Also part of this particular salacious tale is Tommy Sheridan, the Scottish Socialist firebrand and alleged Swinger who is currently residing at Her Majs pleasure.  Commie Tommy took on the Screws in a long libel case involving allegations of adultery and the visiting of “relaxed-couples” evenings.  That other famous perjurer and jailbird, the thoroughly unlovely Jeffrey Archer, would struggle to come up with a story that matched such real world tomfoolery in one of his terrible novels.  The old rogue Jonathan Aitken also springs to mind as I recall how he spouted the “the simple sword of truth and the trusty shield of British fair play” nonsense with such conviction that I almost, almost, believed him.    I stopped believing him, obviously, when he then admitted perjury and the trusty shield of fair play sent him down for a spot of mailbag sewing.  Sheridan, Archer and Aitken; very different characters who all believed they could get away with it through oratory and sheer chutzpah; all wrong, all jailed.  Will Coulson join them for a period of porridge?  Cam must be getting worried; his spinners have sought to distance him from allegations and the arrests of his political allies and friends, with the arrest of Coulson the net could be tightening.  This one could run and run.


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