back of the net

Posted: June 3, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

The first hat-trick of the summer was cemented this week in an outstanding performance from one of the lesser lights of the sporting world.  It wasn’t Bresnan or Anderson in the cricket, nor one of the overpaid faceless morons who wear the three Lions with such a lack of pride.  No, it was, wait for it, the unbearable figure of Gideon “George” Osborne as he smashed home the third u-turn of the week!  Following on from pasties and caravans he caved in again when he reversed the tax decision on charitable giving.  (by the way pop-pickers,  was “Pasties, Caravans and Charity” not one of The Levellers early albums?)  This trinity of reversal must be a nadir for the LibCon buffoons; they surely, surely, cannot go on like this?  Once is forgiveable, twice is perhaps understandable but three times?  Who is behind this lunacy?  As the man himself said “Listening to charities, any kind of cap would have damaged donations”.  Err… yes Georgy, perhaps you could have listened to them before you made yet another howler?  Young Giddy-Up never looks particularly comfortable but his attempts to shrug another fiasco off with the “we’re listening” mantra sounds like a final roll of the dice.  Let the Great British Summer of Sport commence.


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