nice ‘n sleazy does it

Posted: June 6, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Another day, another problem for Cam; it’s becoming almost boring.  This time it is Baroness Warsi who has had to apologise over an overseas trip that included murky business links.  The outspoken Warsi is still under the gun over her creative living / rent payment arrangements and took the bizarre step of referring herself to the Standards committee.  She is seen as a loose cannon by many Tories and the grandees must quake every time she hits the media.  She has, by the way, never been elected by the public, she was handed a peerage to become part of the Government.  You can just imagine the delight on the faces of the old Tory Guard as they realised they could wangle a Muslim Women (who speaks with a Yorkshire accent) who describes herself as “working class” aboard the good ship LibCon.  Those Tories that had doubts about Warsi (that’ll be almost all of them) must be spluttering into their Pimms as she, yet again, draws headlines of the wrong kind.  I have no doubt that Warsi is principled and her performance against the grim BNP nutter, Nick Griffin on Question Time that put the fool in his place was first rate but I can’t help wondering whether she has somehow “sold out” or has been dragged into sleaze by the influence and example of those around her.  I hope it is the latter; the LibCons need no excuse to regress to all-white-all-male membership.


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