Posted: June 7, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Ipad, Iphone, Iprofit, Iprophet.  The incessant march of the must have, the latest gadget.  Queues of queues, a market develops in queue position, $300 to “buy” a place in the queue near the door.  Near the door of the sleek, design led, ergonomic centre for the ipurchase.  Like the bridge on Star Trek but more futuristic and cleaner.  Crowds of young upwardly mobiles, desperate for the next installment from the Man.  It’ll change your work, your leisure, your life.  You will be more hip, trendy and eminently more muggable.  Foxconn, China; the people-drones churn out ithings in barely countable volume.  Watched over by Captains in their different coloured anti dust suits monitoring quality and compliance.  The drones stand up, turn and literally march off to lunch, an army of assemblers.  Post shift the drones return to their shared hostel room; eight strangers in a room with barred windows.  The building is encased with suicide nets after the latest spate of jump-offs.  The CEO of Foxconn says he would gladly double drone-wages if the Man would sanction it.  The Man doesn’t.  The drones have little choice. They queue also; not for the ithings but for the chance to work and the opportunity to share living space with seven strangers, surrounded by the shadow of the suicide nets.  Must haves?  Perhaps not…


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