two old queens and a scouser

Posted: June 8, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

That’s that then; the Jubilee has come and gone; Republicans can go back to their tub-thumping and Royalists can congratulate themselves on a job well (ish) done.  The BBC managed to generate many complaints from its viewers after the coverage of the River Pageant; when the presenters can’t get the year of the Coronation or even Queenies official title correct then there is something seriously amiss at Auntie Beeb.  Perhaps the whole event had crept up on them?  It’s only been known about for the last sixty years after all.  I thought the flotilla looked tremendous but after about four hours it paled a little; the concert was decent although the outpouring of “love” for the old Queen (Elton John) still mystifies me.  As for Paul “Macca” McCartney still playing the cheeky, loveable Liverpudlian after all these years; it just grates.  I know he is pop-royalty and has written some of the greatest songs ever but his purple haired, grandfatherly antics do nothing for me.  Phil the Greek missed out on much of the weekend after being hospitalised; suppose it saved us another memorable gaffe from the old cove.  The younger Royals joined in the spirit and at least look vaguely normal.  Poor old Charlie Boy must be sick of waiting and like a racehorse past his best can see the young bucks catching him with every occasion; can he hang on for a spot of throne-hogging or will his son overhaul him just as the prize is in sight?  One thing we can be sure of is that he will never match his old mum for time spent at number one.


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