red white blue and black

Posted: June 9, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester, Jubilee Monday; hundreds of young Briton’s all bedecked in red, white and blue dancing, singing and praising.  These were members of various churches that had come together to celebrate not only the Jubilee but also their faith.  It was uplifting stuff; Christian rock and rap fuelling the feel-good atmosphere.  The majority of those young people were black.  As I sat in Pizza Express with the family I mused on just how far we have come in our country.  The days of “No Irish, No Dogs, No Coloureds” signs in boarding house windows have been consigned to history and the multi-cultural nature of modern Britain is among our greatest strengths.  We are, and always have been, a mongrel nation, built on immigration, acceptance and willingness to work for the common good. Of course racism still exists and the far right periodically manages to stir up enough fear to grab a couple of council seats but fascism has largely been marginalised; especially amongst the young.  Contrast this with news of the Euro tournament in Poland and the Ukraine where monkey chants and banana throwing remain the tools of the hooligan trade and British fans have been warned not to travel due to racism.  The average eastern European hooligan makes British troublemakers of the past seem almost genteel in comparison.  Young Brits getting beered up and hurling plastic chairs around a piaza was cartoon violence; the melding of soccer and fascism has taken footy thuggery to new, far more vicious levels.  I am pretty sure the joyful, accepting, peaceful coming together in Manchester on Monday will not be replicated in Kiev or Krakow over the next few weeks.


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