in a Pickle?

Posted: June 12, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

More merriment from the LibCons yesterday;  Eric Pickles (winner of “The fattest MP since Cyril Smith” award) opened his huge blubbery mouth to spout forth on the issue of “problem families” on the same day as the lovely Dave ‘n Sam ‘fessed up to forgetting about their daughter and leaving her in the local boozer as they, and their expensively  assembled entourage, rode home oblivious to her plight.  Fatty Pickles no doubt was thinking of the council estates and run-down, beaten communities as he was grilled on Radio 4 by Justin Webb.  You can hear “Fat Eric” grumping and moaning in the background as “Webby” tries to pin him down on numbers.  Not known as a Rottweiler of the media, Justin came across as a vicious “Paxman” on this occasion; he wouldn’t let the portly one settle at all.   Cam came out with the usual platitudes after daughter-abandonment-gate; we’ve all done it (no, we haven’t), it’s an easy mistake to make (no, it isn’t) and the infamous it could happen to anyone (err…..not really).  I wonder if Pickles’ hit list includes the dreadful child-leavers at Number 10?


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