the BMUF part II

Posted: June 13, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Where was he?  The Big Man Up Front went missing on Monday evening as England’s finest held on  for a draw against the Froggies in the Euros.  Once again the strolling continentals were faced with the big-engined English pro; all blood, guts and bluster.  When we have the ball we look terrified; we are much more comfortable hustling and hassling hither and thither as Johnny Foreigner knocks it about in intricate and ever shifting patterns.  Post game the talk was of a point “well earned and deserved”; the studio pundits (including the unfathomable Jamie “Carra” Carragher) praised the “lads” for battling and keeping out the French in an increasingly worrying final fifteen minutes.  As an England fan the last forty six years haven’t provided much joy; long periods of massive under-achievement and cheating Argies interspersed with the odd shaft of (near) glory.  The World Cup semi in Turin 1990 was our greatest chance ever; we blew it as the German machine smashed home their pennos while Chrissie Waddle blazed the ball high and wide, his simply fabulous mullet billowing in the cool Italian night.  By the way, Chrissie also provided a pop highlight of the eighties with his Diamond Lights duet with the medium-consulting-nutter Glenn Hoddle; great stuff.  We have been let down so many times before (and not just by Glenn and Chris); from the Polish-Comedy-Goalie heroics of 1973 to finger chewing penalty shoot-out failures; I really hope we can go “all the way” although the thought of the delightful racist /adulterer/ thug John Terry lifting the trophy isn’t an image I care to entertain.  Come on the Big Man Up Front, get into ‘em….


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