dipsy and the dome

Posted: June 14, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

It may just be my paranoia but I have this terrible fear that the Olympic Opening Ceremony could be on a par with the awful Millennium Dome debacle back in 2000.  That particular piece of rubbish saw the Queen forced to hold hands with a grinning Tone as he and Cherie belted out Auld Lang Syne.  I am sure old Queenie must have had some uncomfortable experiences in the sixty years she has been on public display  (like whenever Phil the Greek opens his gob) but the look on her face that night was unforgettable; absolute horror as she tried to pretend she wasn’t tethered to the huge-mouthed lunatic (Tone, not Phil).  Danny Boyle’s announcement that the ceremony will be based on our “green and pleasant land” and will include several scenes of rural life complete with farm animals sent a shiver down my spine.  Would it not be better to have the usual mass-dance-around-a-thon and the synchronised holding up of coloured cards to make “quirky” images?   After the London Bus debacle in Beijing that included those two great Olympians, David Beckham and Jimmy Page, I have a nagging doubt that yet again we will make a hash on the world stage.  Remember that the people in charge are those that presumably gave the green light to those mascots; one-eyed-penis-shapes anyone?  I hope Danny pulls it off but at the moment  I can’t get the green and pleasant false hills of Tellytubbyland out of my head….


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