Leveson (part 94)

Posted: June 15, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Cam took the stand yesterday as he appeared in the murky soap opera that is the Leveson inquiry. He tries to appear suave, sophisticated and in charge but is beginning to display a few cracks around the edges. His famously non-furrowed forehead is starting to intrigue me; has he been at Sam’s botox? Is he going bald from the front up? Has he really got an invisible condom stretched over his pate? Questions to which, I am sure you will agree, we need answers. We will probably have more joy with those questions than the trite responses Cam trotted out. There was no cover-up; a jaunt to the Dirty Diggers Greek island hideaway for dinner was just a jolly; his 1400+ meetings with “media figures” (shadowy phrase) were completely innocent and above board etc etc. He then turned on the so easy to lampoon figure of Gordon Brown; accusing “oor Broonie” of “cooking up” conspiracy theories about the Tories and the forces of darkness, a.k.a. News International (proprietor, Digger. D) Problem is of course that the (slightly) autistic Scottish fun-denier had enough on his plate with the in-fighting, spinnery and back-stabbing going on in his own party to organise extra-curricular shenanigans. Lord “Mandy” Mandelson must be holed up in some gothic castle somewhere cackling like a demented, camp vampire as he surveys the wonders of his world…..(to be continued, forever and ever..)


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