Posted: June 17, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

He only went and did it!  The ponytailed Geordie BMUF did his job on Friday as England overcame the Swedes for a victory at the Euros.  Absolutely stunning header from Big Andy to give the lads the lead; typical English BMUF action, deep cross, a leaping behemoth, back-of-the-net.  Sweden, in a tribute to English soccer had their very own BMUF in the shape of the enigmatic (and unpronounceable) Ibrahimovic.  Not your average Swedish surname and certainly not your typical Swedish footballer.  He was a constant threat but the battling English held him off despite giving away two Sunday-morning-pub-league type goals.  It was, yet again, a harum-scarum ninety minutes of undoubted endeavour and effort with both sides absolutely refusing to keep the ball for longer than they had to; their ability to gift possession must have the Spaniards et al licking their lips in anticipation.  Perhaps the player who best epitomised English spirit was Scott “Scotty” Parker; massive box-to-box engine, harrying, scurrying and chasing down but obviously deficient in possession.  By the way I reckon Scott bears a resemblance to a Thunderbird, the string-controlled sixties puppets and at one point in the second half the Captain John “JT” Terry looked like an old man wading through mud as he chased down the Swedish BMUF.   Uncle Woy changed the game with the introduction of Walcott who scored one, made another and confirmed the fact that Milner should not really be part of an international set-up.  As we look forward to the next roller-coaster installment of the competition I hope our BMUF is resting and toughening up his forehead.  Come on the BMUF, get into ‘em….


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