I’m Mandy, fly me

Posted: June 19, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Return of the camp vampire this week as Lord (Voldemorte) “Mandy” Mandelson urged Trade Unions to not do battle with the Progress pressure group he has set up.  The fact that Mandy is now looking to “move forward” and talks of “togetherness” and “unity” shows just how much has changed in British left-wing politics.  Mandy’s list of indiscretions, mistakes and resignations / demotions is legendary but his bounce-back-a-bility is equally stunning.  He makes the come-back efforts of various eighties pop-sters like Spandau, Duran etc look lame in comparison.  Interest free loans, dodgy passport applications, dome-lunacy and Bilderberg membership; Mandy has somehow survived them all and keeps popping up to smile that deeply disconcerting smile of his (a cross between Hannibal Lecter and Larry Grayson).  The enduring mystery is just how he has got away with it for so long?  He has, seemingly, been around forever and was a key “player” in Tone’s New Labour movement.  His terrible suits and even more terrible moustache were at the forefront of Blair’s spin-driven, sell-out machine that moved Labour so far right that the old guard like Denis (living legend) Skinner and John (two jags / jabs) Prescott became marginalised and disenfranchised from the political process.  Like the vampires of old Mandy is proving difficult to see off; will the Dark Lord rise again?  If he does I hope there is more Grayson and less Lecter to his next resurrection; “ooh, shut that door” rather than “I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti…”


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