Lies, damn lies, statistics and a nice cup of rosy lee

Posted: June 21, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

If we ignore Lord Mandy’s latest camp vampire utterances the week’s top scary story goes to researchers at Glasgow University who have “proved” a link between consumption of cuppas with an increased risk of cancer.  As the great Joe Jackson once sang “everything gives you cancer.”  We are bombarded almost daily with nanny-state declarations on the dangers of nearly everything.  Ciggies, booze, implants, caffeine, cholesterol and now the great British staple; the humble cup of tea.  Moderation is urged by the Government health Tsars and the advice is seemingly endless; we know what is best for you is the prevailing message.  Doctors surgeries are swamped because of increased information; every headache deserves a CAT scan and every sniffle needs antibiotics.  In the USA it is estimated that 2.3million will contract cancer over the next ten years because of unnecessary X-rays.  The litigation wracked  society we live in means Doctors have to cover their backs at all costs and expensive, useless tests and procedures are carried out “just in case”.  As with all health scares the lawyers will be working non-stop on their next weaselly move; TV adverts during day time telly with the strapline “want to sue Ty-Phoo? Contact Ambulance Chasers & Co”.   I’m off for a brew… tea obviously.

  1. Barney says:

    Right on!!!! Brother Strain

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