oily carr-tax

Posted: June 22, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

(un) Funnyman Jimmy Carr in the news this week for off-shore, creative,  tax-avoidance thievery.   Jim had stuck his cash in a Jersey “scheme” that allowed him to carry on his comedy career without the unwanted attention of the heckling taxman.  I seem to recall the same po-faced standup getting some cheap laughs not so long ago by donning a blonde wig (hilarious, Jim, simply hilarious) and getting stuck into Barclays for similar tax dodging.  When rumbled he trotted out the excuse that has become a mantra for the celeb-thief; it was, he explained, simply an “error of judgement”.  The EoJ line usually means a celeb has been caught with his trousers down or has decided to pop out for a drive after six pints of Old Bishops Hairy Noggin.  EoJs are made on the spur of the moment when a quick call is needed; we’ve all made the odd EoJ.  The planned, systematic and thoroughly well thought out tax con is not an EOJ; it’s creative theft that the celeb believes they can get away with. If Jim had not been caught I find it hard to believe that he would have ‘fessed up as his conscience got the better of him.  Like truffle-snuffling-pigs, Jim and his ilk are relentless in their pursuit of “something for nothing”.  My mate Rarv reckons Carr is “oily”.  Couldn’t have put it better myself.  Now then, have you seen that Gary Barlow?

  1. Patrick Fulker says:

    Spot on marra.

  2. strainsview says:

    cheers Paddy – keep spreading the news of strainsview………keepin’ the faith since 2012!

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