return of the Mili-Bean

Posted: June 23, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

The strange-eyed Labour leader Ed “Mili-Bean” Miliband  has jumped aboard the good ship Immigration this week.  Immigration remains an emotive subject that brings out the very worst in the racists and bigots that still populate parts of British society.  It is still seen as a major “vote-catcher” by all political parties and the stirring up of a Them vs. Us culture still fuels the right wing nutters like the BNP.  Labour has always stood for the underdog, the incomers, the desperate and the downtrodden.  MiliBean is tacking right towards traditional Tory thinking and has even quoted that hoary old chestnut “British Jobs for British Workers”.  Thinly disguised racism.  The opening up of Europe as a free market with the free movement of money, capital and labour was the ultimate experiment in Capitalism; this freedom would enable the “invisible hand of the market” to place resources where they were most needed and the forces of supply and demand would do the rest resulting in better living standards for us all.  The fact that Europeans could travel and work where they wished; often leaving behind oppression and injustice to do so, of course resulted in falling wage rates as the increase in the supply of labour resulted in handing the power to employers; this is the “free market “ in action, for better or worse.  You can’t have it both ways; there are always winners and losers in such a system.  The British Labour Party should surely be seeking to protect all workers, regardless of where they were born; MiliBean’s jingoism might appeal to some but our mongrel nation doesn’t need it; exploitation of workers is the issue, not the arrival of economic migrants.


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