… but there ain’t cloud in the sky

Posted: June 24, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Manchester, Friday, biblical storms at the Etihad, home of “citeh” and the stage for the greatest rocker still alive.  “I have seen the future of rock ‘n roll, his name is Bruce Springsteen” wrote Jon Landau in 1974; nearly forty years later the Boss is still rockin’, still smiling and still capable of delivering a three and a half hour set to 50 000 devotees.  He may be sixty two; he may not be as lithe as he once was but his energy and sheer enthusiasm can still drag crowds into a quasi-religious experience.  As the heavens opened and the horizontal rain streaked through the spotlights the opening bars of Thunder Road caused fifty thousand shivers down the spine and the odd tear down already soaked cheeks; it was spiritual, man.  He is an easy target for the muso-trendies, the shoe-gazers and the “if it’s popular it must be rubbish” idiots.  A working class hero made good; donations to striking miners, undimmed lefty politics and continued hatred of the capitalist robber-barons; he’s almost too good to be true.  Thing is, he looks as if he is having a bloody good time, all the time; like we would like to think we would look if we were up there on stage.  Year after year, night after night, set after set; the blue collar still burns bright.  To paraphrase Mr Landau “I have seen the past, the present and the future of rock ‘n roll, it’s name is still Bruce Springsteen”.

  1. hejt93 says:

    ”Up on banker’s hill the party’s going strong; down here below we’re shackled and drawn”

    Long Live The Boss!

    Great article,
    Henry T

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