Goodbye Mr PH and the BMUF….

Posted: June 25, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

The dreaded pennos put paid to England’s hopes yet again last night as the Italians went through to meet the German machine in the semi-final.  For the eighth time out of nine in competitions  English dreams floundered under the 12 yard pressure.  We had, once again, chased, harried and jostled as the continental cool guys passed it around with style.  The eyeties were the well dressed, Ray Ban wearing scooter riders living the dolce vita while the grim English battlers were the fish ‘n chips scoffing, hankie-on-head, out of place tourists in the land of the beautiful game.  Uncle Woy’s tactics seem to revolve around knocking long balls up to Mr Potato Head and then in a massive tactical switch, err…knocking long balls up to the BMUF.  Among some average performances one of the worst was surely Mark “Lawro” Lawrensen in the commentary box.  Lawro has been relegated from studio based punditry with Gary and the boys and is now to be found attempting to cheer us all up alongside Jonathan Pearce.  Poor Mark sounds as though he has lost a winning lottery ticket and his attempts at humour were cringe-worthy.  When he replied “his shirt” when Pearce mused what Woy had up his sleeve you could hear the tumbleweed silently blowing through the nations living rooms.   Farewell Mr PH, adieu the BMUF and keep smiling Stevie G; perhaps next time?


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