double take

Posted: June 26, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Remember the Harry Enfield characters, the Double Take Brothers?  A strange haired pair who reacted with exaggerated horror to inane comments.  I reckon Michael “Govey” Gove resembles one of the brothers; albeit with less humour.  The LibCon education Tsar seems to be on a mission to get his rubbery-lipped physog all over the media whenever, and however, he can. Some commentators think he may be making a stalking-horse bid for leadership as Cam lurches ever rightward away from compassionate conservatism with calls for benefits cuts and the like.  Govey has been spouting off on the education of our young people and wants to return to the fifties; two tier exam systems, scrapheap at fourteen and university only for those who can afford it.  Universal, free education remains one of our greatest British achievements; it is the “great enabler”.  Mike’s proposals  were greeted with dismay by Nick “Nicky” Clegg, the supposed Deputy PM who has become the invisible man; Cam occasionally pats Cleggy on the head as he passes but rarely consults him.  The continued meddling with education and the exam system coupled with the endless running down of pupils achievements by those who should know better simply does nothing to help our young people; the majority of whom continue to work their socks off only to be informed that the exams are “easy” and worthless.  Perhaps Govey should do a Double Take?


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