fancy a gasper?

Posted: June 27, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

You could smoke on the bus, the train, the plane, every pub and restaurant and when you visited relatives, the first thing they did was crack the ashtray out.  As I queued for my “gentleman’s combustibles” and a box of swan vestas yesterday I was met with the absurd sight of white shutters hiding the goodies.  As I glanced around in a rage of anti-nannyism my  eye caught the magazine stand.  You know the type of thing, all tits out for the lads and screaming headlines of barely suppressed salacious goings-on, all on show, all seemingly licenced by the nanny.  How have we reached this point?  Personal freedom will always include the possibility of risk; to smoke, drink, walk the streets after dark; a risk free life is impossible.  The anti-smoking lobby is unstoppable; coffin nails and cancer sticks consigned to history.  From the marketing ploys of the forties and fifties (“I am a doctor, I recommend Camels”) to the free living sixties and seventies where cigarettes were a massive part of British culture and everyday life, when everybody smoked furiously and with some style and passion.  Now we huddle in dog end fouled doorways, feeling guilty even in the outdoors, puffing away as a crack addict pulls on his pipe in the vain hope that eventually the powers that be may just see sense and allow us terrible people to smoke where we wish.  Not in places that do not want us but in designated smoking pubs where no food is served and the majority wish to enjoy tobacco.  A 21st century Briton cannot enjoy a pint and a pipe in a pub? No, we know what’s best for you Smokey Joe.


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