..right round baby, right round

Posted: June 28, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Pete Burns the scouse she-male, famous for “you spin me right round baby” presumably has little influence on current LibCon policy (although to be fair, nothing would surprise me now) but Gideon Osborne followed Pete’s lead as he  spun again this week, announcing  yet another piece of U-turnery.  Giddy-Up has now “spun right round baby” four times in the last month.  In the latest piece of hokey-cokey-politics he announced to MPs that the proposed rise in fuel duty would be delayed.  He then did a runner and sent one of his minions to face a Paxman grilling on Newsnight; is Giddy a coward as well as a champion spinner?  Bug-eyed Mili-Bean shouted a Smiths like “panic at the pumps” as Cam tried to calm the situation and the Tory faithful gazed on with the glazed look of beaten men.  Infighting, fracturing and unhappiness are seeping out of the Tory backbenches; even the most ardent fan must be questioning Giddy-Ups policy errors.  One of the tory-in-the-dark chaps said “It was absolutely bloody stupid, treating us like idiots” as they were asked to defend the U-turn at a moment’s notice.  Giddy must be getting dizzy; perhaps Pete could help?

  1. Catrina Hewitson says:

    Pete Burns for Chancellor – now you’re talking!

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