Queenie and Garfunkel

Posted: July 3, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Art Garfunkel lookalike Martin McGuinness officially met the Queen last week.  To those of us of a certain age this was a truly momentous occasion.  My memory may be fading but the horrors of the “troubles” remain relatively fresh; bombs, kneecappings, snipers, balaclavas and all the rest.  The history of the conflict is littered with myth and romanticism; Irish balladeers and poets don’t have far to look for their source material.  Religion has also been at the forefront of the problem; fenians and prods locked in an everlasting generational battle to (literally) the death.  The fact that McGuinness and that other “provo round town” Gerry Adams have sought to legitimise the “struggle” through peaceful and lawful means rather than the gun is to be applauded; even the fiercely anti-Papist Rev. Ian “NO” Paisley joined in the fun as he and McGuinness were dubbed the “Chuckle Brothers” by the Irish press.  The fact that Martin and Ian could put their (vast and deep-rooted) differences aside was perhaps the single most intriguing political turnaround of the last twenty or so years.  The fact that former dyed-in-the-wool-provos are prepared to greet the Queen gives further hope for those of us who wish to see long-lasting peace and the abolition of injustice and oppression in the Emerald Isle.

  1. Patrick Fulker says:

    Well Tim, as Chunky once said, while we were gathered in the Cardboard Castle, a mild chivying may be in order.

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