flowers and fascism?

Posted: July 5, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

That gladioli wielding enigma, Morrissey, was publicly outed as a “non-racist” last week when the NME apologised for inferring that he was a right wing nutter way back in 2007.  Five years for an apology?  Sounds like the punchline to an awful seventies sit-com joke.  I suppose the NME might have got the wrong idea as Mozzer paraded on stage draped in a Union Jack whilst belting out delightful ditties such as Bengali in Platforms which mocked attempts to assimilate into British society.  As the man himself stated; “If you went to live in Yugoslavia tomorrow, you would find you didn’t really belong there”.  Moz and his companions were “outsiders” in many ways; the Smiths were never easily categorised and many many young people who felt they existed outside the mainstream lit the scented candles, dimmed the lights and wallowed in self-absorption as they listened to Meat is Murder.  The fact that the be-quiffed Mozzer refused to fall into line with the normal left leaning indie-popsters only added to his mystery. I leave the last line to him “Although I don’t have anything against people from other countries, the higher the influx into England the more the British identity disappears” racist?  You decide…


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