The CJ and Quentin

Posted: July 7, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

He’s done it!  Unbelievable scenes at Wombledon  yesterday as Andy “Muzzer” Murray scowled and frowned his way into the final by overcoming the Frenchman Jo-Wilf Tsonga (crazy name, crazy guy).  The Charmless Jock becomes the first Brit to reach such dizzy heights in seventy four years and will face the stone-faced, Tarantino-a-like Roger “Rog” Federer in Sundays showpiece.  The never-smiling plucky Brit was matched in his dour demeanour only by his Mum; surely the fiercest creature in tennis?  The dearth of British success over the years has been one of the great sporting mysteries; is it an innate lack of British talent?  Lack of resources?  Lack of desire?  The fact that tennis clubs could be considered cliquey and intimidating?  Whatever the reason Britain may be on the verge of a tennis-boom if the CJ can overcome Quentin on Sunday.  Come on the Charmless Jock, give us a smile!


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