The Guv’nor

Posted: July 8, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

The Education Guv’nor is in the news yet again.  Old rubbery-lipped Govey this time has changed tack and attacked school Governors.  Makes a change from his high-horse criticisms of teachers and pupils I guess.   Mike seems determined to keep his profile high and is unconcerned who he upsets in the process.  He accused school Governors of being in it for themselves and of taking delight in the kudos that such an appointment brings.  These Governors are unpaid volunteers who give their time freely to help run our local educational provision; there may be one or two fame-seekers amongst the many thousands of them but the overwhelming majority will go unrecognised, un-thanked and un-paparazzi’ed in the local high streets of Britain.  The “never-been-a-teacher” Mr Gove really has made a push this summer to raise his profile and the accusations of “stalking-horse-ship” will not go away as he continues to meddle with the school system.  Teachers told they are incompetent, pupils rubbished for their academic attainments and now Governors berated for volunteering for what is a thankless task.  What on earth will the “Governator” find to complain about next?  Watch this space…


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