the noble art

Posted: July 14, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

The two “conquered-by-Klitscho” Brits Haye and Chisora are in the news again.  They will “get it on” this evening in London.  Rather odd I thought given that both had been banned for their post fight fracas in Germany a while back that included bottles, threats to burn and the comedy involvement of a camera tripod.  Turns out that the London fight will be licensed by the boxing authority of that well known pugilist nation, Luxembourg.  Can’t recall any decent Lux’ middle weights can you?  Ring based fighting has continually splintered to now include the wrestling freak show and cage mixed martial arts; punters seem to want high camp theatre or blokes kicking and punching one another to near oblivion.  Boxing always set itself aside from the less salubrious end of modern combat sports.  It had history on its side, it felt and was described as a noble sport and was closely regulated.  Then the ludicrously haired (and convicted murderer) Don King got his grubby hands in the pie, Rumble in the Jungle and all.  The fragmentation of Governing bodies which led to the proliferation of world title fights for WBA, WBC, WBF etc belts has resulted in the unedifying spectacle that will greet us tonight.   Two failed Britons bad mouthing each other to sell tickets under the auspice of Luxembourg; boxing is a funny old game.



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