if your name’s not down, you ain’t getting in…

Posted: July 16, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

In a week where residents of a London block of flats were blithely informed that they had no right to object to missiles on their roof the Olympic security questions simply refuse to go away.  Once again a great event seems to have crept up on those charged with organising; the private security firm G4S have admitted that they cannot fulfill their multi-million pound contract to provide security personnel.  Yet again the public sector (i.e. our tax pounds) will bail these idiots out with soldiers drafted in to make up numbers.  In another exasperating declaration G4S admitted that the people they have found and trained may well “not have English as their first language”.  The self-styled “greatest show on earth” will be protected by poorly trained Eastern Europeans, some post-A level pupils and swathes of squaddies.  Some of these workers will have had a whole four weeks training….makes you feel safe and secure eh?  The rise and rise of the Private Sector was to provide enormous benefits through competition, efficiency and “lean” working practices.  The days of the overstaffed, feather-bedded, inefficient Public Sector industries were over.   Market Forces were the solution to all our problems.  As the (very few) owners of the Train, Gas, Water, Phone etc etc Industries watch the profits fall like manna from heaven into bottomless pockets we are left with the unedifying spectacle of soldiers propping up the likes of G4S ‘cos of their sheer inability to do what they said they could when bidding for the work.


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