quack quack oops…..

Posted: July 17, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Professional bore / boor / bigot (delete according to taste, and possibly, age) Chris Moyles quit Radio One this week, presumably taking the genuinely unfunny Comedy Dave with him.  Moyles claimed to be the saviour of the station when appointed to the iconic breakfast show slot a barely believable fifteen years ago.  He loves a “shock” does our Chris; homophobia, racism and sexism are just some of the delights he has been accused of over the years.  Rather like the Smashey ‘n Nicey, “old-style” DJ’s like Simon “our tune” Bates and Dave Lee “Hairy Cornflake” Travis, Moyles seems to have misjudged his audience.  His desire to drag the station away from middle-aged “Charidee”, “more Partridge than Partridge” DJs towards the “yoof” market seems to have backfired.  Perhaps the yoof are slightly more mature than Moyles gives them credit for?  His jocular banter may well appeal to the nations fourteen and fifteen year olds but surely the older listener cannot be entertained as Moyle’s sings a Will Young song in a “comedy-gay” accent?  I may be too old and a tad out of touch but Moyle’s success baffles me; his shock-jock tactics are just puerile and boring.  Move along Comedy Dave, it’s time for snooker on the radio…quack quack oops


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