Posted: July 18, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Do you have an overwhelming sense of doom?  Are you afraid we are gonna get it hideously wrong?  Does the name of Seb “smoothie” Coe strike fear into your heart?  Answer yes to any of those questions and the spectre of the Olympics may well be on your mind.  Starting with the One Eyed Penis mascots, via the appalling anthem by the appalling Muse, passing by Danny Boyles proposed opening ceremony and on to the security fiasco, the Olympic journey seems to be far from plain sailing.  Add a smidgeon of corporate greed and official sponsors into the mix and the whole situation appears far from the Olympic ideals of fair play and participation.  Is it not extraordinary that the likes of McDonalds are “official partners”?  And that logo-inspector-Tsars are trawling the country hunting down copyright infringements?  The Devon butcher who was warned off for using the moniker “Olym-pigs” in one of her tasty pork based delights sums up the ridiculous situation.  Will we end up with Athens style levels of debt?  Sydney mothballed stadia?  Or will the British sense of fair play be the abiding memory?  Watch this space…


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