super (not slow) Mo..

Posted: August 7, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Holy-bloody-moly; TEAMGB have gone berserk.  Medals everywhere you look from the posho rowers and horse riders through to “the ginger postman” who won the long jump, the black man named Mo and the delightful Jess Ennis we seem to have discovered a winning mentality that warms the heart.  Perhaps the greatest dominance has been in the velodrome where GB cyclists look unbeatable and the world records seem to tumble on a daily basis.  Even the Charmless Jock joined in with his stuffing of the Fedster at Wimbers.  At one point I swear I saw a smile on the face of the CJ; marvellous stuff.  The crowds have been huge and magnificent, the opening ceremony a celebration of all things British including James Bond, Mr Bean and old Queenie herself; can you imagine any other country having the confidence to present an image of themselves that was self-deprecating, funny and downright quirky?  Two old musical heroes have joined in lately; Billy Bragg has urged us all to celebrate the multi-cultural diversity of our team and country (check out Bill’s fb page for inspiration) while Mozzer has likened the current situation to Nazi Germany…what an attention seeking old drama Queen he is.  When you find yourself cheering at the telly as a middle- aged British rider steers his steed over some fences you know something special is occurring.  Go Mo…!



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