sell off / sell out

Posted: August 8, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Another great day for TeamGB; the feelgood factor is almost palpable as we cruise towards our best ever medal haul.  The London- Buffoon-Mayor will no doubt claim great credit and Lord Smoothie Coe can rest easy as almost everything seems to be going to plan… apart from the dangling BoJo becoming marooned on a zip wire.  The rumblings about the cash injected in GB sport are being quashed by the weight of the crowds, the patriotic (non-jingoistic) national mood and the fact that our unbelievably dedicated athletes can be held up as role models for the nation’s youth.  Smug LibCons will no doubt accept the plaudits even as some of their number continue to quarrel over the sell-off of school playing fields. The horrid Michael Gove has sanctioned twenty such sell offs in the last two years.  Govey is beginning to look as if he could do with a few laps himself as the fat bloke inside him seems to be winning the weight battle.   The great playing field sell off coupled with the fact that privately educated athletes are disproportionately represented in TeamGB means that long after the Olympics have gone the debate about sport will continue.  Opportunity, talent, dedication and great coaching; that seems to me to be the recipe for success, not, as the French cyclists have suggested “magic”.   Wouldn’t it be great if all GB kids had such opportunities regardless of social background and family wealth?


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