Kool and His wonderful Gang

Posted: August 10, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Pleased?  Delighted? Chuffed?  Feel good about us and our wonderful, chaotic, diverse, funny, unlike-anywhere-else country?  Yeah, me too.  However some “meeja” types seem to have a bee in their bonnet about the Beeb’s coverage of the Olympics.  The accusations centre on rabble-rousing, pro TeamGB coverage and the unashamed celebration of home sporting success.  Presumably these are the same people that gave their opinions on last years “broken Britain” riots when the nation’s youth were clumped together under the ridiculous “feral” moniker.  To see the beaming face of Nicola Adams as she spoke of her pride at taking her Gold medal back to Leeds and the emotion as she watched the Union Jack rise speaks volumes about the Britain we live in.  Young Britons from all sorts of different backgrounds coming together to provide the rest of us with something worth celebrating.  The fact that these young people are personable, presentable, honest and unbelievably dedicated is something worth shouting about and provides a perfect antidote to the broken Britain brigade.  Contrast today’s news bulletins with those of a year ago; what would you rather see?  Riots, crime and  hooded youth?  Or medals, smiles and success?  It obviously isn’t that straightforward; there are lots of grey areas but the fact that the right wing media clamour for jail terms for young offenders is rightly balanced by the current delight in our young role models.  As the magnificent Kool and his Gang sang; “Celebrate Good Times”…Amen to that Mr Kool.


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