Posted: August 16, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

Have you seen them?  Where could they be?  Have they taken the huff?  You know the pair of rascals I speak of…one is a purple-haired lovable scouse funster and the other is a camp Queen.  McCartney and John; not at the closing ceremony?  Blimey.  Instead we got, amongst others, the Spices, the Kaisers, the truly dreadful George Michael, the magnificent Who and the frankly appalling Muse.  The nadir was surely Russell-bloody-Brand lip-synching terribly while camping it up like a modern day child catcher from Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang (or as one local paper aptly put it chitty-chitty-gang-bang…)  At one point I leapt off the sofa in anticipation at the arrival of the Thin White Duke, thinking now this will be special…alas, all we got was Annie Lennox and some extras from Les Mis.  Apart from one or two stale performances it was pretty good stuff though; credit to Gaz Barlow and his gang (although Jason Orange appeared off his face) and the light show was astounding.  The “official” bits were lame; Jaques Rogge looked as if he had dropped a fiver and found a pound and one or two athletes looked bemused.  That’s that then for another four years (or a  lifetime if you are British) heart warming, successful, magnificently supported and truly uplifting.  Smoothie Coe for PM?  Dave Brailsford for manager of every British sporting team?  Sir Mohammed Farah?  Dame Jess Ennis?  As fans of Bogbrush in Private Eye might say “Great Stuff Guys”.  Wonder how the faceless, overpaid morons of the England soccer team will respond?  Can you imagine if we could feel the same sense of pride in them?


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