choo choo…

Posted: August 17, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

More depressing news for commuters this week as the annual train price rises were announced.  Passengers face a double the rate of inflation hike in prices as train companies once again spout the nonsense that the extra revenue is essential for “up-grading” and “investment”.  Lining the pockets of fat-cat shareholders is more like it.  Once again the general public seem to be getting a raw deal as the services remain adequate at best and prices continue to soar.  The great Tory mantra of “competition” was to result in lower prices and better services as train companies would have to out-perform competitors in order to prosper.  The problem is that the rail network is a natural monopoly; true competition between companies is impossible.  There are no alternatives; the passenger is at the mercy of the operator who can raise prices without a drop in demand.  The nationalised British Rail was far from perfect but it was fairly reliable and cheap; today the pursuit of profit is the driving force.  Next time you are aboard the train listen for the rhythm of the wheels; ker-ching-ker-ching-ker-chingely-ching….the sound of cash falling into bulging shareholder pockets.  Passengers are most definitely being taken for a ride.



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