the Gove-ernator strikes back

Posted: August 18, 2012 in This is the Voice of Lefty Reason

The yearly furore surrounding A level grades kicked off again this week as several hundred thousand of the nation’s finest were awarded their exam results.  In years past we have heard of “grade inflation”, “dumbing down” and the old chestnut “It were harder in my day”.  This year, in a reversal of a twenty year trend, the number of top grades awarded actually fell.  Does this mean the nation’s youth are less intelligent than their predecessors?  That they have not worked as hard?  That teaching standards have fallen?  Or, possibly, just possibly, has the Govester weaved his dark art in the manipulation of exam results?  We know Govey has little respect for teachers, despite him never having been one; he now appears to be reining in pupils achievements also.  All a bit odd for the man designated with overseeing the education of British children.  The grade deflation this week has resulted in swathes of pupils missing their offers from Universities and the frantic clearing process is well under way.   Yet again the celebration of pupils’ achievements is tempered by a distrust of those in charge.  Surely Gove cannot have influenced exam boards just to be able to claim that A levels are getting tougher, can he?



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